Sunday, May 21, 2017

Beautiful Indonesia: Balinese Handicrafts

The Balinese are amazing artists and have a style that is quintessentially Balinese. Their talents are world class when it comes to, well, pretty much everything! Their building style, their stone working, furniture building, wood carving, bamboo production, and the list goes on and on. Point is, the Balinese take the cake on a global scale for their craftsmanship and handicrafts.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Shamballa Villas Part 2: Shambala Residence

The Shambala Villas are a group of 3 stunning villas tucked away amongst the rice fields and jungle just outside of Ubud. They are close to town to enjoy and have access to central Ubud, yet just far enough out to feel like you are tucked away in a secret little part of Bali. They have brought in the Balinese culture, kept with the indoor/outdoor living and yet it has the feel of rustic luxury with the crisp white sheets and tasteful decor.

This villa is the Shamballa Residence and check out the last post on the Shambala Moon here.

Click here if you are interested in booking photography of your villa or property.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Beautiful Indonesia: Dolphin Spotting in Lovina

Every day at sunrise a pod of dolphins come into the bay to feed in the town of Lovina in north Bali. Since humans have a fascination with dolphins you can imagine the tourism that has developed for these sight seeing tours. In order to catch sight of these beautiful creatures you must get up at the crack of dawn to get onto a boat which will take you out to the middle of the bay. The waters are quiet and still this time of day and the slow rise of the sun above the mountains, onto the bay is stunning. And of course the dolphins are gorgeous! They are everywhere, jumping and swimming, a great way to see these intelligent and amazing marine animals. The only downside is that you have to share the waters with about 25 other boats but at least they are all fairly small boats and there are no giant boats that take up the whole area.

Lovina is a bit of an old school Bali tourist town but it is the gate way to water falls, mountains and further west there is access to amazing diving in Pemuteran and Menjangan National Park.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Silvia - The Life of a Digital Nomad

My good friend Silvia Puchovska needed some photos for her blog, her brand and her public profile. She has been making a living for herself as a "digital nomad", the buzz word for todays ingenious people who can work from their laptop anywhere in the world and make money. Silvia has decided to base herself largely in Bali due to her love of surfing, however gets many of her clients from her home country of Slovakia. She has made such a name for herself that she is being featured on one of Slovakia's hit TV stations on Wednesday and well as other well known publications that will be out very soon! Stay tuned for details on that.

Here are some links to Silvia's lifestyle:

Linked In

I was honored to be asked by Silvia to be her photographer, and even more honored to know my photos will be published in so many countries in print, television and social media. Silvia was just featured on one of Slovakia's biggest television channels, Markiza! She has posted a link to the interview on her facebook, great job Silvia!

I also want to give a shout out to the clothing designer that designed Silvia's cloths for our photo shoots, Isa Lavilla, check out her amazing clothing brand on her website:

Having started my business here in Bali I have been doing many solo portrait sessions for people who want head shots for their work showcasing their working from home/digital nomad lifestyle and also portraits for tourists that want awesome shots of themselves in beautiful Bali.

If you are interested in doing a fun photoshoot here in Bali please don't hesitate to contact me! The thing about Bali is that there are an endless amount of amazing backdrops, many of which I myself have not even discovered yet.